Herb Wolf has been in manufacturing businesses for more than thirty years, including seventeen in his own business.  He had financial responsibility for many of these years including for his own company. He learned about all of the accounting systems that he used during this time. In his company all of the accounting was done on premises. When he sold his business he and his wife Maxine, went into the financial service business to help other small businesses and individuals with record keeping and the ability to keep accurate records for themselves and their accountants.

Herb is a CERTIFIED QUICKBOOKS PRO ADVISOR and can serve as a bookkeeper or consultant to business. He can help set up the books or update books or do whatever the client needs.

Maxine Wolf has done Tax Preparation for over twenty five years, part time and full time. For twenty one years she has been an ENROLLED AGENT (EA), an expert in taxes. She is licensed by the Internal Revenue Service and can represent clients before the Tax Court. She is subject to the strict Ethics rules set by the IRS and Treasury Department and is monitored by those agencies every year. In addition, Continuing Education is required and Maxine takes more than double the required hours.

Maxine also owned a photography franchise for fifteen years where all the accounting work was done on premises with Peachtree Accounting; today, she works with QuickBooks on a daily basis. Maxine is expert at all levels of individual returns and prepares business taxes as well.

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