Wolf Bookkeeping & Tax Service is open year round, not just during tax season. We meet with clients during off season months to plan for the future on both business and personal levels.  We prepare all types of Federal and State returns including personal income tax, payroll taxes, business entity taxes, sales tax, etc.  

Our services include the following:

  • Tax PreparationWe prepare all types of Federal and State returns: personal income tax, business entity taxes, payroll taxes, sales tax, all business monthly and quarterly taxes. Our program includes all states. We will be there if you get audited and can represent you in Tax Court if needed.
  • Electronic Filing is the way to go. With every passing year more types of tax returns are required to be filed electronically. We are an authorized e- file provider with the IRS. E-file is considered the safest method and your refund is processed more rapidly than taxes that are mailed.
  • Tax PlanningWe meet with our clients to make sure that they are up to date with all of their records so at tax time they are aware of the outcome. We advise how to plan to get the best tax return results. Tax planning is extremely important for business entities but for individuals as well. There are many ways to reduce taxes and plan for the future. Many people ignore retirement planning until it is too late. Today most people need to take care of their own retirement and need to do it early and on a continuing basis.
  • EthicsWe adhere to the highest ethical standards. As an enrolled agent, we are bound by the rules of the IRS and Department of the US Treasury. Not only have we passed a grueling exam but continuing education is mandatory and the IRS monitors our personal tax situations.
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